eHungry Online Ordering Software Integrates With Square

No fees, no behind the scenes magic -
just simple payment processing

eHungry + Square

eHungry’s Square integration makes taking payments and getting your online ordering site set up super easy. Once your eHungry account is setup, simply you'll log into your eHungry admin and link your Square account for payments and orders. Then when customers checkout and pay by credit card, behind the scenes, the payments are going through Square.

Restaurants Love Square (and So Do We)

Just like eHungry, Square is a favorite among restaurants because of their straightforward pricing and simple solutions for both customers and restaurants. You don’t have to make any long-term commitments and will never be surprised by hidden fees.

Accept Online Payments Instantly

eHungry and Square work together so that you can easily accept online payments, without having to set up an entirely separate website. We help you design and launch your ordering portal and you just create a Square account (if you don't already have one) to begin accepting payments. After all, Square is already trusted by thousands of other restaurants to take credit card payments from customers.

Sell Directly Through Your Website and Avoid High Costs

Avoid high-cost third-party ordering services and sell directly through your website using eHungry and Square’s integration.

Your Brand, Your Voice

We’ve helped thousands of restaurants create beautiful online ordering sites that match their branding. Our designers work with you for FREE to create a website that is eye-catching, seamlessly functional, and easily updated and controlled by you.